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Sports Grammar School 

Sports Grammar School is the only one state school of this type in Pilsen Region. It offers comprehensive study programme of grammar school and simultaneously dealing with sports. The aim is to prepare students for university studies.

  1. Grammar School - Sports Training, 79-41-K/420 (A classes) - 4-year - studying
    Athletics, Judo, Sports Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball (girls)

    The school provides versatile as well as specialized sports preparation from its financial means. Sports clubs of which students are members finances competition participation. School provides Students´ training tuition at competitions.
  2. Grammar School - Physical Education, 79-41-K/413 (B classes) 79-41-K/813 (8-year-studies)
    Four/Eight-year-studies - all kinds of sports

    The school copes on students´ talent development with the sports clubs, and provides general sports tuition from its financial means. Sports clubs guarantee specialized training led by their trainers in the afternoons / evenings.

Tuition according to grammar school curriculum allows applying the system of optional subjects with consideration of students´ future university studies.

Optional subjects offered in the second reps. third year are


2nd year

3rd year




Theory of Sports Training


English Conversation

Maths Practice

German Conversation

Maths Workshop

French Conversation

Biology Workshop

French Language

Social Sciences Workshop

Russian Language

Geography Workshop

Information Systems

History Workshop

Voluntary subjects

Extended Physical Education

Sports Massage


Maths Practice

Latin Language

This school is specialized in physical education – physical training.

Specialized training for students is provided in compulsory subjects, such as Theory of Sports Training and Programming. Students can take final exams in these subjects.

Students who study the subject Theory of Sports Training can take part in the course for sports masseurs and they can obtain a certificate of Sports Masseur (the school has an advisory note of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Czech Republic).

In the subject Programming students can chose programming which is mainly specialized in programming systems, or information system which is directed towards computer users.

The Internet is accessible to all the students at school.

The school provides high-quality teaching of foreign languages – English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Latin.

Reconditioning, physiotherapy, underwater massage and also summer and winter camps can help students in their sports realization. The school encourages students to participate in special competitions and Olympiads. Students can also join sightseeing tours in Bohemia and abroad.

The school is located near the swimming pool in a modern building furnished efficiently. It has special equipped classrooms and laboratories, computer labs, two gymnasiums, a running tunnel with three tracks and artificial turf, a gymnasium for judo, a fitness centre, a room for physiotherapy and underwater massage and a student’s library. Students can have lunch in a school canteen, all-day food is provided for the students who are in a boarding house.


Phone number:
+420 378 605 711



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