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Sportovní gymnázium Plzeň Vstupní brána na vysokou školu

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General Information About the School

Sports Grammar School is the only state school of its type in the Pilsen Region. It allows students talented in sport to combine optimally grammar school studies with their sporting activities. At the same time, the main goal is to prepare students for university studies in any field.

Sports Grammar School offers the following programmes of study:

79-42-K/41 Grammar School - Sports Training

(Athletics, Judo, Sports Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball – girls), 4-year study programme, Class A


79-41-K/41 Grammar School

(all types of sports), 4-year study programme, Class B


79-41-K/81 Grammar School

(all types of sports), 8-year study programme


79-41-K/81 Grammar School

(all types of sports)

Kvinta (Year 5 of the 8-year study programme) for applicants from Kvarta (Year 4 of 8-year grammar schools), or Sekunda (Year 2 of 6-year grammar schools), respectively. Higher year enrolment is possible in accordance with Act No 561/2004 Coll. (the Education Act) as amended.

Sports Grammar School follows its School Education Programme “Sports Grammar School – A Gateway to University” created in accordance with the Framework Educational Programme for Grammar Schools. It offers required optional subjects:

Required optional subject

Grammar School –Year 2

Grammar School – Year 3

Grammar School – Year 4

Theory of Sports Training

English Conversation

Seminar in Mathematics

English Conversation

German Conversation

Seminar in Biology

French Language (3rd foreign language)

Spanish Conversation

Seminar in Geography

German Language (3rd foreign language)

Russian Conversation

Seminar in History

Russian Language (3rd foreign language)

Seminar in Mathematics

Seminar in Social Sciences

Spanish Language (3rd foreign language)

Psychology and Sociology Practice

Seminar in Physics

Descriptive Geometry

Physics and Chemistry Practice

Literary Seminar

Maths Practice

Descriptive Geometry

Seminar in Chemistry



Seminar in Chemistry and Biology


Study Benefits:

  • In the programme of study 79-42-K Grammar School with Sports Training (Athletics, Judo, Tennis, Swimming, Sports shooting, Volleyball – girls) our school provides specialized sports training to the extent of 17 lessons per week. The lessons are conducted by professional trainers from the Sports Grammar School
  • Coaching of the pupils at competitive events is also fully provided by professional trainers from the Sports Grammar School
  • The pupils of the Sports Grammar School participate in competitions as members of their parent/home clubs or as members of other clubs
  • Our school organizes training camps according to the annual training plan for each sport


  • In the programmes of study 79-41-K/41 Grammar School and 79-41-K/81 Grammar School the school provides general sports training within the classes of Physical Education
  • Within the scope of 4 lessons per week, the students practise gymnastics, athletics, sports games, new uncoventional sports and compensation exercise under the supervision of experienced PE teachers
  • During their study the students may participate in swimming lessons and in sports courses in skiing, snowboarding or hiking
  • Specialized sports training is ensured by trainers in the sports clubs


  • A big advantage is the fact that the Sports Grammar School closely cooperates with many important sports clubs and sports academies in the Pilsen Region
  • Students with high sports performance who represent the Czech Republic may benefit from the possibility of an „adjusted educational plan“ or of planned examinations to better manage their studies and sports
  • Students with great sports results may use the services of a physiotherapist at school


Sports Grammar School in Pilsen offers:

  • Studies in new furnished and well equipped classrooms
  • New equipped indoor and outdoor modern sports grounds of top quality
  • Compulsory studies of two foreign languages (English, German, Russian, Spanish) and a possible choice of the third foreign language as an optional subject
  • Participation in subject competitions
  • Field trips in the Czech Republic or abroad
  • Well-equipped school, incl. IT, wifi connection in the whole school building, a possibility to use a student´s library or a study with a small kitchen during the day
  • Snacks from the school snack bar
  • Lunches in the school canteen
  • Accommodation in the newly reconstructed youth hostel, incl. all-day dining